American Core Searches Reach 13.1 Billion In February 2009

Core searches in US reached to 13.1 billion in February 2009, according to comScore. The core searches increased significantly in the same month compared to a year earlier. However, it has declined by 3% compared to the core searches conducted in January. Google sites were leading the US core search market with 63.3% share of total core searches.

Core searches down by 3% in February 2009
According to comScore?s February 2009 US search engine rankings, the number of core searches conducted by Americans were down in February compared to January. The number of core searches was 13.1 billion in February 2009, down from January?s 13.5 billion core searches. The shortened month seems to be the primary reason for this. However, this is a significant YOY growth in the same month a year earlier, which reported 9.8 billion core searches.

The trend of decrease in search queries from January to February - continues
Decrease in search engine queries from the month of January to February continues in 2009 too. But the drop in percentage declines to 3% in February 2009 from 6% in February 2008, compared to search queries of January in respective years. However, ASK Network is exempted from this trend as it showed a 8% growth in February 2009 from January 2009.

Google sites still lead the US core search market
Google sites still lead the US core search market with 63.3% share and with a contribution of 13.1 billion core searches in February 2009. It is a significant increase when compared to 52.9% search share in the same month - a year earlier. Google has also increased in number of expanded searches by around 6 billion queries, in the same period. The core search share of rest of the top 5 search entities declined in February 2009 from a year earlier. However, there was a significant increase in number of core searches conducted through these entities over the same period.

Both core searches and expanded searches in US accounted a remarkable growth within one year. However, no search entity other than Google appears to use its potential, efficiently, to enhance their businesses. Google still leads the US core search and expanded search marketplaces, and seems to continue to hold its position for a longer period as no other competitors are anywhere near to it.