SEO Tips And Rank Deciding Google Factors Every Website Owner Should Know

Google rankings of a website play a major role in its overall growth and success. If the rankings are not reasonable, the site would never be able to reap rich rewards in terms of marketing, promotion and sales. A site with improved or higher rankings gets the maximum pie and reaches to the pinnacle of success. In this article, we would discuss factor that determine Google rankings of a website. Domain age Domain age is one of those factors which determine rankings of a website. If the domain age is comparatively older, it will serve the website better; if somewhat newer domain age is available, it won't weave together the same magic. Older the domain age, better the business would be in the days to come. After all, trust factor plays a part where an older domain is in place.

Hosting location Hosting location is another important aspect which helps in the Google rankings of a website. If a website is hosted outside the region or country of its existence, its ranking would be negatively impacted. On the other hand, if a site is hosted in the country of origin, it would have better rankings for sure. So, always take care of hosting location to not let the ranking degrade. Reliable server A reliable server is likely to fetch good rankings than otherwise. Reliability of serve means the hosted websites are not spam to impact any other sites. If the server is up to mark, it means speed and productivity of website would be good. So first of all, pick a server which promises to deliver reliability by not hosting bad sites. Content Content is another vital factor which determines the rankings of a website and enables good visibility. It's the content which invites crawlers to index pages to give rankings. If web pages don't have adequate and appropriate content right through, Google will not bother visiting the site. So giving fresh and original content is a must to get good rankings.

Keywords Keywords play a vital role in bestowing good rankings on a website. Web pages should have original content sprinkled with a good percentage of keywords to get the attention of crawlers. If content is not given proper and relevant keyword, or only useless keywords are stuffed, the ranking would be severely impacted. Subtle use of keywords is important when good ranking is needed. Users' availability at site Users' availability at the site is another important factor which helps in the rankings. If users staying for more time, enjoying the experience, the site would be better off in terms of rankings. On contrary, a site with higher bounce rate is less likely to have good ranks. So the best way would be to keep tools that would increase the visitors stay at the site. Tracking device Having a tracking device in the site is another major factor which would help in the ranking. When Google Analytics is available with the site, users' movement, performance and stay duration are all measured to the extent of correction. With such tracking, the site has the prospect of improving on its performance to get good rankings. Relevant Linking Link building should be relevant so that rankings never get impact with it. If useless and haphazard links are either made outbound or inbound, it will jeopardize the whole prospects of the website. While doing linking of the website, make sure neither futile methods are employed, not worthless links are added to.