How To Build Your Website Traffic By Using Squidoo

How can you use your Squidoo lens to build more traffic to your website? Let?s start with introducing you to Squidoo and what it is. Simply put, Squidoo is just a free online host site where you can make your own web pages or lens without needing any knowledge or background in programming. Squidoo lens are pretty simple to set up and can be done in less than 10 minutes making this an invaluable source for getting people to notice or read just what you have to say!

There are many add-ins that are also available such as RSS feeds which makes it a great traffic and ranking booster for your website. Forget about the need for advertising through print media that will cost you potentially hundreds of dollars to get the word out about your website and the product or service that you want to sell! Squidoo lens can also include links to your website, therefore rapidly increasing your website traffic with the proper keyword placement.

You may create many different Squidoo pages that pertain to what you want to sell online. Let?s say that you have a website that sells candles for instance and you are looking for ways to promote it and gain more organic traffic without the cost of submitting to article directory. You can do this quite simply by making a Squidoo lens for each and every one of the candles that you have to sell. All you have to do is create a page or lens in regards to the type and/or scent of the candle. You can also perhaps do a lens on aromatherapy or the benefits of relaxation!

Each Squidoo page is automatically indexed by search engines so the more you write about your website using strategically placed keywords, the more your ranking goes up!
There are many things that can be added to your Squidoo lens such as; surveys, youtube videos, photos, blog searches and a whole lot more. Another way to gain real organic traffic is to perhaps place some of the newer released youtube videos there! Once they are searched for with Google, your Squidoo page will show up and you have gained some traffic!

Your Squidoo lens is amongst hundreds of thousands of other Squidoo lens so you gain more traffic this way as well. It is quite common knowledge that once the topic has been searched and several of the same are on the one page most of us simply click the next link to view and find knowledge about the same thing. Surveys about new products that you are about to launch are a great way to generate traffic and potential sales of the item through your Squidoo lens. Interaction is also prominent with Squidoo lens for every time something is added whether it is a comment or a reaction to one, your page is sent to all of those who have added the RSS feature to their Squidoo. There are many ways to increase traffic to your website by creating a Squidoo lens, so what are you waiting for?

Gain free advertising, traffic, page ranking, potential customers and sales simply by making a Squidoo lens today! Or you can hire a professional squidoo lens creation service to execute an awesome and more effective job for you.