Search Engine And Directories Copywrites

To get optimal listings in search engine and directory queries, keywords and key concepts must be placed strategically throughout your web pages. To summaries, you need these words and phrases in:

  1. Title tags
  2. Meta-tags (keywords and descriptions)
  3. Headings (if used)
  4. Body text, and

Alt-attribute in the image source tags
When online marketing professionals optimize a web site for search engine and directory queries, they should not spend most of their time redesigning the layout (in HTML) or submitting the site to the search engines. Most of their time should be spent on researching, writing good copy that will index well in search engines, and writing thorough, accurate descriptions for directory submissions. Good web copy must contain well-researched and varied keywords and key concepts based on a web page's topic; accurately reflect the web pages' content; and be strategically placed throughout a web page as mentioned above.

Most sales and advertising "fluff" should be eliminated.

Here's an example (and one of our pet peeves). How many of you have seen this scam, "Put your printed brochure on the web!" Print advertising copy contains a lot of "fluff" phrases such as "service that is second to none." Search engine analysis? "Service" is a stop word in some search engines and will be ignored in a search query. "Second to none?" How many people do you know really search using that phrase? When we are looking for something on the web, we are going to type in exactly the type of product or service we are looking for, not sales and advertising "fluff."

Web copywriting should contain keywords and key concepts without all the "fluff." Web copy has to flow and be strategically placed to get your web pages ranked well in search engine and directory queries. Your potential customers will also appreciate being able to find what they are looking for as quickly and easily as possible. That's just good customer service.

The one time that web copywriting is extremely important is your site submission to Yahoo. Although Yahoo reserves the right to change or modify the site description you send them, if you can submit a well-written description containing your most important keywords and key concepts without word stacking, Yahoo will likely keep most of your description intact.

Good copywriting is a necessary element of both online and offline marketing. If you do not have experience in writing good copy for the web, we recommend that you hire an online marketing consultant to initially write the copy for you. Then you can learn from the copy you paid for. The more practice you get at web copywriting, the better you will get at it.

Carve A Niche For Your Site Via Social Media Optimization

Internet has changed our life style to a great extent that we rely on it for every little thing we are involved in. In fact, it is a best way to get connected with our family and friends, as we are constantly swindling between the pendulum of time and work. The latest one to catch up the attention is social media optimization. It is in fact, a perfect way to churn out endless profits. Moreover, internet is a biggest platform for sharing and interacting.

Social media optimization has become one of the most popular method through which one can interact and gain knowledge on various serious and miscellaneous topics and issues. It has in fact raised the level of internet services by enhancing the visibility of the site and at the same time getting the site a higher rank amongst the famous search engines like Google, MSN and Yahoo. Social media optimization however, involves carefully planned and laid out strategies that helps many websites in gaining popularity and more business. What exactly is social media optimization? Well, it is a set of methods that generate publicity through internet and connect online communities and websites together.

Social media optimization is a best method to attract traffic on to the website. Today, many businessmen prefer businesses conducted through social media optimization as it gives an edge over various other publicity methods. In fact, search engine marketing firms have certainly made social media optimization an excellent medium of interaction. With the evolution of information technology, net savvy people frequently visit a number of websites to get knowledge and simultaneously social media optimization act as an interactive platform. Well, you must have come across the videos uploaded on various sites and these also offers blogging services, forums and discussion panels that further enhances the effect of social media optimization. In addition, the social media optimization uses viral marketing technique that spreads their word across the web.

Here, the sole purpose is to get people talking about a product, service or an idea. Here, the conventional method of word of mouth serves as the publicity vehicle that in turn popularizes the website amongst the users. The various other techniques utilized by social media optimization include video and photo sharing, social book marking and blogging. In social media optimization, the emphasis is laid upon the elevation of the link-ability of the website that encourages the inbound links. Social media optimization additionally creates tags and book marks for the website so that it becomes user friendly and is accessed throughout the 24 hours. With this, the user is able to book mark it easily as well as go back to it whenever required without any hassle or trouble. Hence, the visitor attains a comfort level with the website. As a result, the website will get recognition and simultaneously gain popularity amongst the internet users. The purpose of social media optimization will be achieved. Therefore, the website will be able to create its own space amongst various search engines and also earn a rank as a top website.

Linking Strategies For Newbies

One of the most crucial mistakes I made when I first started Internet Marketing was not completely understand the importance of proper back linking, anchor tags, keywords and the title tag. The most important things to search engines is providing relevancy to search results using keywords in the anchor tags and back links. Back links to your website has become one of the most or if not important aspects to better Search Engine Result Positioning (SERP) using your keywords in your anchor tags.
One of the most common mistakes that I personally made with my website was in the title was:
Title: Succeed Online with ES-Solution

The problem with that title was; What does that have to do with my website and keywords? Search Engines base a lot of importance on the keywords and the anchor tag contained in the back link. Additionally, I submitted my website to many directories and search engines using that title. What I am telling the search engines? That my most important keyword or keyword phrase is ?Succeed Online with ES-Solution.? How many possible searchs do you believe would have that exact phrase or keywords? Zero.
My rankings for my keyword phrase ?Internet Marketing eBooks? were even more horrible!
Steps to avoiding this same mistake:
Step 1: Never using a descriptive title
Step 2: Choose the most relevant Keywords for your Title
Step 3: Create back links using the appropriate anchor tag.
My actions:

  1. I changed my title to ?Internet Marketing eBooks?. Another important idea behind your title and keywords is that the search engines will shift around your keywords to make more phrases. I only have 3 Keywords but using different combination, I have 3 good keyword pharses:
    (1) Internet Marketing eBooks (2) Marketing eBooks (3) Internet Marketing
  2. And I began re-submiting my website to directories and search engines with the proper title (anchor tag): ?Internet Marketing eBooks?
    My results:
    (1) I have several back links with the anchor text ?Internet Marketing eBooks?, but unfortunately I still have some of the old back links with the anchor text ?Succeed on with ES-Solution? dropping my overall relevancy to 54% when it should be 100%.
    (2) I have managed to achieve the number one ranking as of 6 December 2005 for the keyword phrase ?Internet Marketing eBooks? in MSN and the number two ranking in Yahoo.

Increase Website Traffic Through Affordable Seo Services

It is possible to increase your website traffic through affordable SEO services. At present, the Internet is used by many business firms to reach out to their customers. These business firms provide details about their main products and services through their websites. Internet users mainly depend on search engines to acquire details about required products and services. That is why it is important to own search engine friendly websites. Your website can be made search engine friendly with the assistance of SEO professionals who are skilled in their field.

Optimize Web Pages According to Search Engine Norms

Through search engine marketing and placement services, you can make your business website appear more attractive, professional and balanced for the search engines. The entire process of website optimization is executed strictly according to the prescribed standards and algorithms of the search engines. SEO services ensure you top positions in the result pages of the search engines. A top ranking contributes a lot to the promotion of your website.

Improve Your Online Visibility through Advanced Website Optimization Techniques

Advanced SEO services make sure that you receive consistent net traffic for your website for a long time. For promoting your business website among online users, the important website optimization techniques used by the SEO firms include:

? Planning and designing of websites
? Research of keywords
? Creation of website content
? Building reciprocal links
? HTML code optimization
? Meta tag optimization
? SEO copywriting
? Submission to directories
? Submission to search engines
? Blog writing
? Article posting
? Maintenance of ranking reports

Select a Reliable Company

In order to satisfy your website optimization requirements, it is important to depend on a professional SEO company. At present there are a number of companies offering reliable SEO services. Therefore it is important to identify the appropriate company, which can offer superior services at affordable service charges, within minimum time.

Why Your SEO Campaign Is Not Delivering Good Results?

As Google releases Panda and Penguin updates quite frequently these days, SEO professional easily blame Google whenever sites lose their ranking. The fact is Google does not punish a site unnecessarily. Like web design and development, search engine optimization techniques change every year and Google shares latest SEO tips via their Webmaster Central blog. Every SEO professional should read those suggestions and create their own strategy accordingly. So, before you bash Google, make sure that you are not making any mistake. Here are some reasons for SEO campaign failure. Search engine optimization is a continuous process and you must work dedicatedly to boost your website's ranking on SERPs. However, if you don't notice any improvement for a long time, make sure that you are not making the aforementioned mistakes.

SEO Articles Writing

A set of criteria dictates the technological expression of Darwin's rule: the website deemed to be the fittest will survive by escalating to the peaks and the weaker ones will choke underneath the weight of others. SEO article writing services are a hero in this regard; these services utilize the skill of choosing the right words to make a site irresistible to search engines. The people who take up the cudgel for this purpose are none other than professionals themselves, having thoroughly studied and analyzed the demands placed by the search engines. A successful SEO article writer bears a number of qualities. For one, he or she is trained to know when the iron glows red-hot, and where to strike when it does. All article writers are trained to possess and develop an uncanny ability of matching keywords with the most appropriate content on the website. By doing this, they swivel the spotlight towards the targeted website, ensuring that the money and the hard work placed in making that website pays off in a highly profitable manner.

Contrary to the popular belief, SEO article writing is nowhere limited to encasing your business within a few words. It extends to heavy research of the international web market; it involves marking the websites that are likely to pose and that currently pose competitive threats; it also involves studying in detail those competitors and getting to know their tactics and secrets of success.

The entire circle of skills required finally closes at realizing how to maximize your profits with minimum expenditure: that is, the ways to attract the customers with minimum financial efforts and within the shortest possible time. SEO has become the need of the day. While some of the browsers continue in a streamlined fashion on the road of success, others slide into the unknown and get replaced by new ones. A website that was once popular with a previous browser might just not be good enough for the newer ones. With the services of Search Engine Optimization, the articles that are penned down target all possible browsers; the professionals hired for the job rush to make any adjustments needed to bring the website on the top again. Why, one might ask, are SEO article writing services necessary? Doesn't the content of the site guarantee its success? The answer is "yes, it does"; however, that is never enough. If you are planning on making your own website, you need to open your eyes wider and gaze a little farther. This is the internet we are talking about: this is the vastest realm we have ever known, encompassing everything from the galaxies beyond the Milky Way to the smallest electron spinning around a nucleus. With a competition of that size, and without the SEO skills, your website is likely to remain buried underneath the others who have had the brains to manipulate their sites according to the requirements of search engines. After all, what good will be your site when no one will know it actually exists? So, now you can ask yourself, where will you and your site be if SEO services did not exist?

American Core Searches Reach 13.1 Billion In February 2009

Core searches in US reached to 13.1 billion in February 2009, according to comScore. The core searches increased significantly in the same month compared to a year earlier. However, it has declined by 3% compared to the core searches conducted in January. Google sites were leading the US core search market with 63.3% share of total core searches.

Core searches down by 3% in February 2009
According to comScore?s February 2009 US search engine rankings, the number of core searches conducted by Americans were down in February compared to January. The number of core searches was 13.1 billion in February 2009, down from January?s 13.5 billion core searches. The shortened month seems to be the primary reason for this. However, this is a significant YOY growth in the same month a year earlier, which reported 9.8 billion core searches.

The trend of decrease in search queries from January to February - continues
Decrease in search engine queries from the month of January to February continues in 2009 too. But the drop in percentage declines to 3% in February 2009 from 6% in February 2008, compared to search queries of January in respective years. However, ASK Network is exempted from this trend as it showed a 8% growth in February 2009 from January 2009.

Google sites still lead the US core search market
Google sites still lead the US core search market with 63.3% share and with a contribution of 13.1 billion core searches in February 2009. It is a significant increase when compared to 52.9% search share in the same month - a year earlier. Google has also increased in number of expanded searches by around 6 billion queries, in the same period. The core search share of rest of the top 5 search entities declined in February 2009 from a year earlier. However, there was a significant increase in number of core searches conducted through these entities over the same period.

Both core searches and expanded searches in US accounted a remarkable growth within one year. However, no search entity other than Google appears to use its potential, efficiently, to enhance their businesses. Google still leads the US core search and expanded search marketplaces, and seems to continue to hold its position for a longer period as no other competitors are anywhere near to it.

Tips For Optimizing Your Website

One of the most confusing and frustrating challenges you may face with your online business is getting good search engine rankings. It took me a good two years to get my website to the top rankings on Google. I spent countless nights (and days) trying to optimize for my favorite search engine. My patience finally paid off, and I now rank in the top 10 pages of Google for my chosen keywords. During this two-year period, I learned many a good lesson that I?d like to share with you.

Here are some things you should do:

1) Write Articles. By writing and submitting articles in your related field of expertise, you create relevant links and free advertising. The resource area of article submissions allows you to usually post a brief bio of yourself and a link to your website. Of course, the search engines love relevant links to your site. Write as many articles as you can. Some suggested submissions websites are , www.findarticles, com and .

2) Add content to your website daily. Don?t let your website become stagnant. The search engines love new content, and will penalize you if they see your site is not active. You can add a new article every week, place new relevant links or change your text content.

3) Use a search engine optimization tool. Two good choices are or (IBP). Monitor your website on a regular basis.

4) Post on Forums. Find a forum that is relevant to your website and begin posting there. You can add your website URL to end of your postings creating links to your website. This is also a good place to find link partners.

5) Add quality and relevant links. It is important to remember here though quality is more important than quantity. Search engines will take more seriously websites that have linked to 10 relevant links than to 100 low ranking links or links not related to your product or service. Be sure that when you link, you use proper link text. This text should be related to your website. In other words, if your website is about dance classes, be sure that your link anchor text uses those words.

6) Link to various directories like , and .

7) Be patient! Rankings do not come overnight. It will take time, but one fine morning you will wake up to see that all of your effort has paid off.

Top Ranked Websites Are Using A Linking Strategy

Many SEOs quickly learn why they need a linking strategy. They know now that links from other web sites pointing at theirs are improving their page ranking. Let?s see how links generate traffic.

Inbound links are an important way to increase the page rank, to be known in your field, to generate traffic to the website. This is the most important method to generate traffic, to have more visitors, potential clients or website services? users.

Without traffic, a website is almost useless. Its role can be only a name on a business card or a place to find a products or services list or email addresses.

To bring clients from the Internet, to be alive, to fulfill its main purpose, a web site must have huge traffic. What can a search engine optimizer do to get this important traffic? The web content including the appropriate keywords, the ease navigation, the most appropriate images, the inspired headlines are improving the traffic.

Do not forget the site?s style, sophisticated and simple at the same time, professional and efficient. But the work isn?t over yet. The inbound links strategy must be used too. It brings spectacular results and realizes the traffic that will attire the clients? attention. The search engines will note the web site.

Some will think that without traffic, a web site is useless as a marketing and selling tool. The web site will not sell products or services, nor communicate ideas or events, and won't publish articles about any imaginable subject.

As we have already established, the traffic will be increased in the most spectacular way by getting links from other important websites, and having related topics. You will receive direct traffic from links, but mainly from links that have similar audiences to the main website.

A client visiting a web site similar to the main one, seeing the link to the main one, will visit it immediately. He becomes a potential client, increases the traffic, and improve, finally, the main site?s rank. 21% of the entire traffic is the result of inbound links. This is not a secret, top ranked web sites are using this successful strategy and everyone can see the results.

What is the reason why people are clicking the new links? First of all, this is the human curiosity in action. Maybe the next site can have more products, best prices, most appropriate services.

Maybe the next site is looking better and it is giving to its visitors the look and feel they are waiting for, maybe the next site is more useful, interesting and helpful. The visitors, potential clients at the same time, are hoping to find something to amaze them, to make them purchase without regrets and doubts.

Part of your linking strategy is joining a linking directory. You will need to do a search for these websites with a high PR. In these directories, you will have great success because they are where the strong, relevant websites are. To start linking your websites to higher ranked sites, go to:


Another part of your linking strategy should be to include your link in articles that you submit to article directories. This will help you out a lot because if a reader is interested in your article, chances are that they will click on your link to learn more. A great site to submit your articles is:


If you are submitting articles and are looking for a faster and easier way to do this, you might want to consider an automatic article submitter. To watch a video on how to accomplish this, go to:


Are You Making Google Mad?

All you had to do was load up the page with the keywords you wanted to rank high for, make sure your meta tags were stuffed with those same keywords, submit the page and within a few days or weeks you've captured a top 20 or even top 10 result.

The major search engines were pretty easy to figure out. Some focused on the first 90 characters on a page, others gave more weight to the title tag in your HTML, another paid more attention to the overall content and finally some used a combination of factors to determine a page's rank.

If you were an SEO expert, you knew what each search engine looked for and it was pretty easy to optimize your site for a top 10 rank.

Back then, you didn't get penalized much for keyword stuffing, hidden text, and some of the other tactics that can get you into trouble in today's world.

The bottom line is search engine optimization for the average webmaster was almost like a cakewalk years ago.

That was then. This is now.

Times have certainly changed! Those same methods described above will not only hurt your rank, they can even get your banned from the engine permanently.

There are no shortcuts to search engine success anymore. You have to work it. All those lazy webmasters who steal other people's content or use the tricks mentioned above are now discovering that the search engines mean business.
Confidential Google Report Disclosed

In early 2006, a Google employee broke a non-disclosure agreement and revealed a report that shouldn't have gotten out to the public. Actually the information wasn't surprising by any means.

In a nutshell, all we learned was that Google is cracking down on spam and sites that offer little content - a.k.a. "thin affiliates".

A thin affiliate is one that offers very little information and the main purpose of their site is to send visitors to the affiliated merchant's site in order to collect a commission.

Often times these sites have more external links than they do actual content. They also may contain several doorway pages (more on those later) that do nothing but link to the merchant's website.

The report even revealed examples of live sites that Google considers "suspect." Trust is NOT a place you'd want to see your site appear. You can bet these sites won't be getting much traffic from Google anytime soon.

This report seemed to indicate that Google has hired humans to evaluate the accuracy of Google's search results. Can you blame them?

Google has always said their main focus is to provide relevant results. The main reason the engine has been so successful is because it gives searchers what they want.

If you've noticed, you don't see lots of ads, banners and other distracting revenue-sucking techniques on their pages. They want their customer, Joe Surfer, to find what he is looking for.

They don't want their index to be turned into a hodge-podge of doorway pages made by those thin affiliates. They want unique quality content that offers valuable information to their customer - the web surfer.

Search engine spiders are not humans. They are programs. They can only do so much when it comes to weeding out the good and bad sites. It only makes sense to me that Google would help protect its reputation by hiring real people to ensure their results are as clean as possible.

Without going into detail over the report (I wouldn't want Google to penalize me!), I've just outlined a few of the topics that were touched upon. You probably won't be shocked by what you read.

In fact, none of this may be new to you. But if you are performing any of these techniques, stop now!